By: Claire Adornato

Yay, it’s freshman year! I’ve heard of all the pros and cons, but it is definitely not the same as experiencing it. You wonder about so many things. What if the teachers don’t like me? Do we get an excessive amount of homework? Freshman year is filled with new experiences and ideas. You have to adjust to a new environment, learn how the other grades feel about freshmen, and most importantly learn all of the unspoken rules.

High school is a big step from middle school. When us freshman were in 8th grade, we were at the top of the pyramid. Now we have traveled all the way to the bottom. Now, we have to learn how all the other grades feel about freshman to get on their good sides. Sophomores act like they’re too good for freshman. They will try to make fun of the new freshmen in every way they can, but in reality, they are just glad they are not freshmen anymore. Juniors just get annoyed with the freshman, and don’t want to be bothered by them. They know their way around the school and are now upperclassmen. Seniors are nice to freshman because they have been through all of the other stages. It’s their last year, and they know that freshmen need buddies and someone to make them feel comfortable. You have to know about each grade so you know how to act around them. Therefore, knowing how each grade feels about freshman is vital and essential. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that we won’t be freshman forever.

There are so many unspoken rules as a freshman. These rules are very important. No one will tell or teach you them. You have to learn them on your own. If you are really lucky you have an older sister that tells you them. However, for the most part you sort of have to lay low and figure them out yourself. One of these unspoken rules is cutting in the lunch line. You cannot do this as a freshman. You may not cut in line to be with your friend. You may not cut in line to talk to your friend. You may not cut in line period. Another unspoken rule is to not sit in the upper atrium tables. Those tables are strictly off limits. They are only for the upperclassmen, who have claimed their territory. These are only a few of the unspoken rules. I cannot give away all of them as I am still learning them. These unspoken rules are sneaky but crucial to your freshman year.

In all seriousness though HB has been a wonderful and welcoming place. Everyone here is super nice and friendly. Sophomores are really not that mean and juniors are not unfriendly. The unspoken rules are somewhat true, but not that big of a deal. In conclusion, being a freshman really isn’t that bad. It just has some getting used to. And on the bright side, before we know it, we will be sophomores!