Plant Based Diet

By: Caroline Jung

Everyone’s diet is different. Some are vegetarians, vegans, and some will eat anything. We’ve, at least me, been told that humans are omnivores and that the front part of our teeth is used to chew plants and our back teeth is used for tearing meat. However, that’s not entirely true. Our bodies are made for eating a plant based diet.

Other omnivores, like cows, chickens, and pigs have back teeth that are specially made to rip, tear and to digest meat. They are truly omnivores. Why do you think that when we try to eat meat, sometimes it’s hard to rip meat and that our digestive system cannot deal with it if consumed too much? Our bodies are not made for a meat diet.

Some people have sensitive immune systems that become irritated if the “wrong” kind of meat is eaten. But it isn’t necessarily the “wrong” kind, it’s essentially the wrong type of food. We, as humans, have been accustomed to eating meat, unless they decide to be a vegetarian. People with diseases like diabetes or high cholesterol usually get those diseases by eating meat. There are some exceptions, however, but for the majority, instead of taking medications, a plant based diet may be the best medication.

For example, one person with severe cholesterol and blood pressure had about 15 medications, and within 2 weeks she was off all medications and she was good as new. The secret? A plant based diet. After adjusting to a plant based diet, her cholesterol and blood pressure was back to normal, had no medications, and felt really good.

Some people will say that they can’t live without meat or that their diet can’t change, and this isn’t to say that you absolutely need to change your diet. You don’t have to go vegan all of a sudden, but it’s good to change your diet once in awhile so that you get all the nutrients that your body needs.