Cleveland Foodie

By: Kayla Smith

Taco Local

Type: Mexican

Location: Willoughby

Review: It’s a small local Mexican restaurant that has a variety of food. If you LOVE queso and guac it’s so good! I think the guac ups Chipotle’s. They have “street tacos” with a variety of meat and veggies such as chicken, pork, mushroom, beet, avocado and plenty more. You have to go try them! The vibe is artsy/casual and super chill. Random art is hung on the walls along with a massive lit up“TACO LOCAL” sign.  


Type: Vegan-ish

Location: Ohio City

Review: It’s a hipster kind of place with amazing vegan food. They have really good grilled cheese stuffed with red peppers and arugula as well as the most fantastic tomato soup in the world! They also have a brownie with vegan salted caramel ice-cream that is to die for. I suggest that you go and try it out.


Type: Middle-Eastern

Location: Eaton

Review: THIS PLACE HAS THE BEST HUMMUS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! The pita that comes with the hummus is so so good–you won’t stop eating it. They have really yummy cous-cous. I would explore the menu if you go so you can try something new.


Type: American

Location: Coventry

Review: The best milkshakes ever! They have vegan and vegetarian food along with burgers and such. It’s a place where you can grab a quick bite and explore coventry afterwards! I suggest getting a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake. That’s my order almost every time. If you’re a vegetarian, the hummus is bomb and the pita is good too. It has a very homey feeling and the food is super comforting.