Senior Room Quotes

By: Ellie Felderman and Lexi Harrison

We all know that senior year is stressful. Especially senior fall.giphy (1).gif

There’s applying to colleges, getting interim grades up, orange forms, calculus, and generally surviving through our final HB school year.

giphy (2).gif

So, Lexi and I decided to listen up in the senior room to see what golden nuggets of senior year we could share with the rest of you. This is what we came up with:
“We had to pee in a thermos”
“I know a boy who sells his pee”
“It smells so buttery”
“Don’t show anyone else my peanut butter”
giphy (3).gif
“3/4 inches of my hair was all dead”
“I want Gordon Ramsay to be my sugar daddy”
“Who do I have to talk to about getting access to an old military base?”
“I didn’t go to sleep until 5 am”
“Wait, is this super scored?”
“Is it salted caramel or salt and caramel?”
“I aspire to be more like a character I based off myself.”
“One time, in Catholic school, we were playing Heads Up Seven Up, and I peeked and looked at the shoes, but then I looked up and everybody had the same brown shoes. I played myself that day”
“I hate everyone and everything.”
“I have to make fake blood but I forgot a spoon.”
“What’s the square root of one?”
“Bring back polygamy!”
“You’re not even doing homework, you’re taking selfies!”
“No one thinks you’re funny, only you do.”
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Keep it up, seniors!