Fall Sports Captains’ Interviews Pt.2

By Amy Howarth and Sadie Hertz

X- Country 

Senior captain Kalie Sommerfeld talks about gives us some insight on the Cross Country Team’s goals, transitions, and team mentality.

How has the start of the season been going?

After having a few races under our belts and many opportunities for team bonding and motivating each other Kalie gives us some insight on how the X- Country team is doing.

  • Kalie Sommerfeld- “I think the season is going well so far! Everyone has been really positive and is keeping a great mentality… It’s really great to start to see all of our hard work paying off after our success at Tiffin.”


What are your team and personal goals?

The Cross Country team goal last year was to make it Regionals since we were so close the year before.  Here are the team’s goals for this year since we achieved our main goal (regionals) last year.

  • Kalie Sommerfeld- “I would love to see us return to regionals and place higher than we did last year.  I also, want us to stay positive and confident in our racing and bring our best ever day because that’s the only way we are going to get better.”


What are major changes the team made from last year?

The Cross Country team went through some major changes from the past year to now.  Such as losing the beloved Coach Shaul and also some of our top runners.

  • Kalie Sommerfeld- “Yes we did have a big transition this year with Coach Shaul leaving. Coach Turner is great though!  He really knows what he is doing and I have already seen a lot of improvement among the team… We did lose our number one runner this year which was tough. With that being said though, everyone has stepped up so much… Pack running definitely helps.”


What is your biggest piece of advice?

Since Kalie and our captains have been running for a number of years they have some good advice to runners and any athlete for that matter.

  • Kalie Sommerfeld- “My biggest piece of advice… is to not only work hard physically, but to make sure you are prepared mentally also! Confidence and positivity are key!”


Senior captain Colleen Lux speaks on the season so far touching on everything from the transition from last year to the goals set for this season.

“What is it like having a virtually new team with the loss of seven varsity seniors?”

The soccer team has endured major change as they said goodbye to many key players last season. Not only did many seniors graduate, but Colleen is the only rising senior to take the leadership role. She says, “It’s tough to be the only senior, however, it’s encouraging to see the responsibility that the juniors and sophomores have taken on to bring the team together.” Even though many players have graduated, Colleen describes how even with the influx of underclassmen they might be a, “young team but we act older, more mature on the field.”

“How has the start of the season been going? How does this relate to post season?”

Since it’s still early in the year soccer, like most teams, is still figuring out the dynamics of the team and its players. Colleen describes it as, “Since the team is new, it’s taking a little bit longer than last season to ‘click’, however, there is so much talent in every area that once we do it will all fall into place.” The team is on a good track towards the post season as each player finds their spot.

“What are the team’s goals toward this season?”

Hathaway Brown soccer has put a lot of time into their goal setting as Colleen stops for a moment to grab a list they created. She said, “Our biggest goal right now is to make it out of the district. This is the first year that I’ve played while being ranked Division I and we want to continue on the previous successes of making it past districts.” However, this is not the only goal that blazer soccer has set sight on. Colleen adds that, “Beating well-known rivals like Laurel and Hawken is also a big goal, and one we hope to accomplish in the regular season.”

“What are some words of wisdom you can give a future captain?”

Here are some words or phrases Colleen would like to pass down to future team leaders…

“Your team helps! Include them and do what’s in their best interest.”

“It’s fun to be a leader.”

“It may seem hard, but it’s not as bad as it seems.”

“Good relationships go a long way.”