Fall Sports Captains’ Interviews Pt. 1

By: Kate Hickey

Golf Captains:

As golf senior night approached, we took some time to reflect what their time has meant with them and even got to ask the captains about their time as leaders. Exclusive interviews with captains Sonum Jagetia and Colby Cohen explain the chemistry this team shares. As Sonum Jagetia puts it, “Experiencing what it’s like to be a captain is something I never imagined it would be.  I thought I would carry on practicing as usual, maybe with the slight addition of talking to coach about what time the tournament starts tomorrow and relaying that information with the rest of the team.  I didn’t think about the responsibilities that entail from having 9 girls rely on you to give advice, lend an ear to talk to, or heat up pizza at 12 PM.  You are responsible for this now and can’t use the response of ‘Oh I can’t right now. Maybe later.’ Because captains are responsible for the well-being of the team, it is also our responsibility to make sure they achieve their goals.  In the future, I not only hope we ALL make it to states as a team, but that each individual player on the team achieves their own personal goal as well.” Colby Cohen also took some time to reflect on her time as captain and she explains, “Being captain of the golf team these past two years has been a great experience. Both years we have had a very close knit team, something that has greatly contributed to our success. Our major goal this year is to make it to states, and I have absolutely faith that we can do it!” Both captains have been such inspirations to me and the entire golf team! They all share the common goal of getting our team to states! Go blazer golf!


Tennis Captains:

We also got a chance to hear from senior Varsity A tennis captains as they commentate on their season moves beyond regular matches. Exclusive interviews with Stephanie Zhou and Megan Qiang follow! First off we asked hot the tennis team was transforming from last season to this season. A co-captains put it, “We lost a couple people from last year’s team but everyone is stepping up to the plate to fill empty shoes. They have done a great job so far and I am confident they will keep up the good work!” They also stated some of their goals for the remainder of the season which included to remain undefeated, as they have for the past 2 years, win states again for third year in a row, bond as team, and bring all grade levels together. They said they are on track to achieve their goals as the players are giving their all, which puts them to track to win states. One thing the captains are especially proud of included the team’s strong bonding; as Megan puts it, “We have made metaphorical friendship bracelets.” We also asked Stephanie and Megan to share some advice for future captains. They both agreed on, “Don’t stress about it, be sure to keep up with communication especially with coach and form individual bonds with each player. We believe  everyone on the team is a leader so it makes or job easy and should make it easy for future captains.” Their favorite memory as a team has been their trip to Cincinnati to watch the Western and Southern Open. They said that their favorite person to watch had to be Roger Federer, and his wife came to watch the tennis team’s match which was a really awesome surprise! As we know, being a captain entails many responsibilities that can be challenging at times. As the captains put it, “The hardest part of being a captain are the extra responsibilities like cutting ribbons and reminding the team what color to wear, and making the snack list, *coughs Megan*!” As far as upcoming events go, Stephanie is looking forward to senior night! It was so neat to hear from different captains as they all have many differences as far as their responsibilities and roles on their teams go, however, they all share one thing in common-you can always depend on them to be great leaders!