By Arianna Anderson and Yardena Carmi

  1. Warm up
    a. One quick write
    b. Ten jumping jacks
  2. Stair runs in the atrium
    a. 5 sets of
    i. One foot on each
    ii. 2 feet on each (starting with right foot then starting with left)
    iii. Jump with both feet onto a step
    iv. Skip a step
  3. Box jumps in the black box
    a. 3 sets of 10
  4. Pullups on the circular sliding handle (HB playground)
    a. 3 sets of 5 pull ups (modified: 3 sets of hanging from the handle for 15)
  5. RECOVERY: Lying perfectly still on the turf field
    a. 1 set of 3 minutes (preferably during a lacrosse practice (in kp’s presence (especially if you take his class))
  6. Agility in the library
    a. While sprinting, weave in between all of the shelves
  7. Cool down
    a. Jog to every couch in the school and lie on it for 2 minutes