By: Sophie Clark

Cleveland has a whole bunch of fun things to do and a lot go unnoticed. From the zoo, to the concerts at blossom, there are many fun activities all around Cleveland.

1) The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
The zoo is awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is filled with amazing
animals and it is really easy to make a day out of it. You could visit the new elephant exhibit and check out the giraffes.
2) The West Side Market
Here you can buy every part of a pig and the freshest produce in Cleveland. You can
explore the different vendors, then sit on the balcony and eat great food while in the best spot to people watch. Here are all the different vendors at the market:
3) The Aquarium
WHO KNEW! Guys, we have an aquarium. Like NO WAY. There is a touch pool with
stingrays – woah. Honestly, I’m just really excited about this discovery. There is a good chance I’m the only one who didn’t know this was a thing.
4) Lake View Cemetery
Ok, hear me out on this one. I know, it’s a cemetery, but this place rocks. Last summer, my cousin and I went on a two hour walk through the place (Pokemon Go hunting, but still) and we learned a lot about the people buried there and got great exercise. Also, President Garfield is buried there, and his memorial building is beautiful–10/10
5) The Cultural Gardens
This sight is a great one, and similar to Lake View, you can go on a nice long walk and learn some things. The individual nooks of culture allow you to truly appreciate the many different cultures in the world, and realize most, if not all of them, are represented in Cleveland somewhere.
6) Metroparks
There are so many locations of the Metroparks, I cannot name them all. However, there is no way you don’t live less than 20 minuets away from one. There is one in Chagrin where you can walk through a stream while observing the nature around you, or you can go to
Edgewater to enjoy the lake and take a photo with one of the Cleveland signs.

Whether you choose to do something off of this list this summer, or anything else around Cleveland, it is impossible to be completely stuck with nothing to do. So next time you and your friends can’t think of something to do during an empty weekend, refer back to this list, or any for that matter, to embrace your staycation. ☺

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