By: Catherine Engles

Sometimes, once we leave the school for the summer, we can lose a sense of routine. Without the constant early risings, classes, and athletic practices, we are prone to become less productive in the summer months. It is tempting to sleep in until noon, eat ice cream, and lay by the pool all day during the summer, but with a few reminders, it is possible to make the most of your summer by staying healthy and happy!

1. Wake Up Early – Rise with the sun and fall with the moon. Now this does not mean you have to get up at the crack of dawn, but once you can sense light coming in through your blinds, try to get up and start your day. You will find that you are more productive throughout the day and are able to pack in lots of fun activities!

2. Drink Water – I certainly get tired of hearing this, for I myself am not very good with staying hydrated, but drinking water is SO important. Putting lemon or cucumber in my water encourages me to drink it more often. If you are out doing any physical activity, make sure to carry a water bottle with you. This will overall improve your energy and help out your skin!

3. Eat Local Produce – Be sure to take advantage of the seasonal fruit and vegetables that come in the summer. If you are really craving a snack, have some watermelon. This will fill you up no doubt. Other delicious summer fruits would be berries and peaches (a personal favorite). During your main meals, incorporate zucchini, corn on the cob, and of course, avocado!

4. Do Something Active Each Day – This does not have to be an intense workout or practice. Perhaps you at the pool with some friends, instead of frying in the sun, get in and play some games. Keep your body moving so that you can treat yourself later. One of my absolute favorite things to is to ride my bike on the Towpath and visit the farmers market. Hikes are also an easy and fun way to get out and moving!

5. Take Time for Yourself – Just like during the school year, it is important to take time for yourself and relax. Summers can be just as hectic, so it’s nice to take an hour to lay by the pool. An easy way to do relax while still being productive would be to read your summer reading books outside. There is nothing more refreshing than reading a good story with a glass of iced tea sitting on your back porch.

I hope these help you have a productive and fun summer. These tips can be taken anywhere, so even on vacation be sure to remember these! You are destined to come back to school with a great summer under your belt. If there is one thing to be stressed the most from this article, it would be to make the most of your summer. Take control and get in everything you want to do!


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