By: Simran Patwa

May the Fourth was finally here! I could not wait until X and lunch, when the new Retrospect would come out. As promised, there were live performances by HB’s own musicians and singers, and cake. I was amazed by the new cover of the magazine. It was beautiful and different. My biggest dilemma was that there were so many articles, poems, pictures, and letters that it was impossible to get through every single one. As I opened the magazine, I was entranced by the layout, which was very aesthetically pleasing. The colors and ideas all blended with one another and formed the best magazine yet. The next challenge was flipping through the pages and reading articles that caught my eye.


Movies and a sunset

One of my favorites was the art exchange between Yardena Carmi and Sukhmani Kaur. Yardena wrote a poem about movie theatres, while Sukhmani complemented it with a picture of a sunset. This made the picture open for interpretation, making it an interesting choice.



Another one of my favorites was a poem called “Pieces” by Elizabeth Stack. I really liked the visuals in the picture and I could see the image it created very clearly and beautifully.

Lastly, I think that the art in the magazine was very nicely done and so meaningful. I think that every picture in the magazine had a story behind it and I wish I could learn about every single one of them. For example, a picture by Kate Snow titled “City on Fire” is so artistic. I wish I could visit that city and learn about it. I wish I could learn the history behind the city. I wish I was there. The art was wonderful and everyone did an amazing job with the magazine!


The editors put together the best magazine that we have ever had.


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