By: Alex Garrow

The slime sensation is rocking the nation. Instagram is filled to the brim with images and videos of the gooey obsession and anyone with a younger sibling knows what it’s like to find it stuck in various places around their house. This seemingly simple trend that comes in all colors, textures, shapes and sizes has become a global fixation, especially among middle-schoolers, around the world. 


I interviewed three middle school slime lovers from the east and west coast to get a better sense of this global fad. The people I interviewed chose to remain anonymous (under the condition that they would share their true thoughts, opinions, and slime experiences) so they will be referred to as the Slime Maker, the Slime Seller, and the Slime Enthusiast. The Slime Maker is an expert in making slime, and could be considered a social media mogul in her field of expertise; the Slime Seller is an entrepreneur who sells a variety of slime products locally and has learned the secrets to a successful goo business; the Slime Enthusiast takes part in this trend for pure enjoyment, rather than for profit and overall has a true passion for this fad. The following responses have been shortened and summarized for length and entertainment purposes.

What first attracted you to slime? What initially compelled you to take part in this trend, specifically in your field of expertise?

Slime Enthusiast: Before slime became popular, I saw videos of people making and playing with it on Instagram. I was drawn in by the bright colors of the slime and loved the satisfying popping noise it makes when squished in the right way.

Slime Maker: In school, everyone was into slime so I decided to try it out. Making slime and experimenting with different ingredients and materials such as laundry detergents and shaving cream was so much fun. My friends introduced me to this slime guru and Instagram star named Natalie who had special contest where people could send in their slime along with a care package, and one winner each month would get a slime review; they would also get some of her slime for free. My friends were sending their slime in, so I decided to do it too. I won one month and from then on I have been obsessed.

Slime Seller: My younger sister told me how she had bought slime online for a crazy amount of money. I had seen videos and tutorials online so making slime seemed easy enough. I tried it out a few times and came up with a successful slime formula. Overall I liked my business prospects and hoped to be profitable.

What’s the deal with slime- why do you love it and why do you think it has become a global sensation among other kids your age?

Slime Enthusiast: Slime is fun to play with or squish, satisfying to look at, and comes in so many different designs. People can pick ones they like because there are so many variations.

Slime Maker: I love experimenting with different ingredients to make the perfect slime. I love playing around with different scents and colors. I think the artistic aspects of this trend really appealed to kids like me. 


Slime Seller: I, personally, love how much money I have been able to make off of this trend so far, but I think it became popular because it’s fun to play with and can be customized to each individual. 

What are the negatives of being a part of the “slime world”? Have you had any negative experiences that made you question your obsession with slime? Are there any challenges that you have had to overcome?

Slime Enthusiast: I’ve gotten slime in the carpet before and these places could never really be cleaned completely. I would also strongly stress not having a slime fight and keeping slime away from your hair. I’ll leave it at that. 

Slime Maker: My parents are constantly yelling at me for spending too much making and posting slime, and some of my clothes have been ruined beyond repair. In the past, my parents have told me that I spend too much money on slime, as I had been buying expensive lotions and perfumes for scent, so I occasionally steal my parent’s shaving cream or lotions instead.  I enjoy the smell but I do feel guilty. 

Slime Seller: So far, the only difficulty I had was finding a good slime formula; just because the tutorials and recipes seem easy, doesn’t mean they are easy. Fulfilling specific requests is also difficult. 

How has the popularity of slime fueled your obsession?

Slime Enthusiast: Slime popularity has normalized my obsession.

Slime Maker: Now that slime is so popular, it is easier to find the specific materials and ingredients needed. Many stores have special slime aisles with big tubs of glue, borax, glitter, and more, making shopping for the materials much easier. This is also a negative because they are often overpriced.

Slime Seller: Slime business has been booming. 

From what I gathered from these slime-obsessed middle-school girls, is that kids find slime to be “satisfying” and enjoy having a toy that they can create, customize and then play with. Whether they are making, posting, selling, or buying slime, it’s engaging and entertaining. In my house slime is forbidden due to a “sticky incident” involving by younger brother and sister, but everyone else should give it try. Look up slime recipes online and have a goo-d time!