By: Alia Baig

Sally Yates:

Sally Yates was appointed as United States Deputy Attorney General by President Obama in 2015. She was the first woman to hold the position and the Trump administration had asked her to stay, so it was surprising that she was fired in late January.

Mike Flynn:
National Security Advisor Mike Flynn quickly resigned after reports came out that he had misled VP Pence and given him incomplete information regarding a call with the Russian Ambassador. In 2014, Mike Flynn decided to ‘retire early,’ which was a nice way of saying President Obama fired him. Trump brought him back, but he was asked to leave once again.

Angela Reid:
Angela Reid, the first woman and and second African American to hold the position of Chief Usher, was fired on May 5th. While it is normal for White House staff to transition when a new president comes in, chief ushers are rarely fired and often hold their positions during many different presidencies. It was quite shocking that Reid was fired on May 5th and the reason for her leaving has not yet been disclosed

James Comey:
James Comey was the FBI Director until May 9, when he was fired by President Trump. In October, he had investigated Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, but had mishandled the investigation and shared it with the press before it was appropriate. In his first hearing, Comey says: “​I could see two doors, and they were both actions. One was labeled ‘Speak’; the other was labeled ‘Conceal.’​” While President Trump hasn’t clearly stated his reason for firing Comey, the way he handed the email investigation may have been part it.