By: Amy Howarth

From being a brand new freshman, coming from a different middle school, to almost being a sophomore I have realized that freshman year was a whirl wind. There are so many things us freshman have learned from the upper classmen. We have also made so many positive memories with the upper classmen and teachers that we will remember forever. So here is a recap of all the memories and things the upper school has taught us and prepared us for especially during this fast but memorable year.

When I walked in on the first day of school I was absolutely scared for my life. Will a senior trample me? Will I be late to my classes? What will my teachers think of me? Do I have all my supplies? Wait did I forget my Bio book?… Oh wait it’s in my hands. All these questions were jumbling around in my head stressing me out. But I made it through the first day of school without embarrassing myself too much. Then I had cross country practice and all the upperclassmen made me feel like I could relax a little and the made me feel welcome. They offered to help me, give me advice, and they overall wanted us to know they were there for us if we needed anything. It was nice to have all those familiar faces to see in the halls the rest of the year.

Freshman year went on and I was still learning so much. Such as how to walk in the halls, use my free time well, make new friends, meet with teachers regularly, and so on. The upperclassmen and teachers had started talking to us about midterms. This was extremely stressful and I wasn’t sure where to start. However, I learned how to study and manage my time better and meet with my teachers. I got through midterms and it was onto winter break when I could relax, unwind, and enjoy the holidays.

We came back to school and getting back into the loop was hard however all the snow days and any days off we had helped get me through. Spring break came up quick however, it was very relaxing. When we came back I think all the freshmen knew it this was going to be the longest part of the year. From the end of spring break to the last day of school was going to seem long and hard especially with the weather slowly becoming nice and sunny. Then I started Track and Field and got to meet many new people and spend time getting more advice from upperclassmen, because we all know you can never get enough of that. Track

was a blast going to meets after school and on weekends in the freezing cold and blazing hot weather was so much fun.

Now there is not even that much school left however it seems like there is still so much to do. There have been many good memories such as legacy day, celebrating IDEO before winter break, and carnival. Hathaway Brown has also achieved so much this year in our athletic programs and going and supporting our blazer teams made me feel like such a part of the community. We also have had many victories in our clubs like robotics, speech and debate, and many more. While all these victories are great it was also fun just spending time with mentor groups, having fun doing class bonding activities, and going to day to day morning meetings.

As freshman year comes to an end I can honestly say it has been a blast. I have learned so much about how to be a part of the upper school and I have learned so much from all my teachers and the upperclassmen. The seniors especially have had such an incredible impact on my first impressions of HB and they showed me what being in high school really means at HB. I have made so many memories and have had so many good times this year I could never count all of them. All I can say is that freshman year will be unforgettable and I cannot wait to see what the next three years of high school will have in store for me and the rest of our class. So, thanks to the rest of the upper school for making our first year of high school the best it could be!