By Stephanie Kaiser and Ainsley Bradbury

The end of a school year is upon us, and before we know it, it’ll be August again and we’ll be back here. Chances are, you’re signed up for a class or elective you have minimal information about. This can seem really daunting, but fear not! We took it upon ourselves to ask teachers about some of the great classes HB is offering next year. I’m sure you’ll find that some teachers are just as confused about our favorite classes as you are.


Parsons on Calc 3

“Don’t forget to divide the hypotenuse of x by the derivative. People always forget that, it’s a bad move.”

Adler on Physics

“I don’t wanna say anything bad. Pray. From other people in my math class: “have colored pencils.”

Hovan on Post AP Latin

“Good luck and carpe diem! Get a PMA: Positive Mental Attitude.”

Kollin on Chinese

“Is this a serious article or a joke article?I guess don’t be confused when there is no alphabet… or don’t be confused when you can’t figure out the alphabet.”

Vogel on Printmaking

“*laughs* What advice would I give? My advice would be… first of all I love printmaking, and the Cleveland Museum of Art has a new great exhibit on female printmakers who studied in Paris in the 20th century, so I’d suggest they go check that out. Enjoy the art form and be both creative and inspired throughout the process.”


“Don’t take it. What are you, crazy? I would think it has a reputation of being a real grind. I would say it’s a really challenging course so prepare yourself for a lot of reading and a lot of writing.”

Day on Human Bio

“Why are you asking me? Is this supposed to be funny? Someone taking human bio next year should follow the syllabus diligently, pay attention in class, and ask questions when you don’t understand. If you want a serious answer, ask Ms. Mcbeath”

Homany (and Her D Day Lab Class) on Flex Fitness

“Stay hydrated and fuel your fitness!”

Tarver on Econ

“I’m the worst person to ask about that. My advice would be: sure, I say take it if you are interested in the class and you think it would be a good challenge for you.”

Don on Women and Gender Studies

“Hmm… know your history of your gender and how far things have come for women, and how they still have a ways to go.”

Armstrong on AP Chem

“Get one of those cool little molecule models where you can build molecules out of sticks and balls.”

Purpura on Musical Theater

“I have no advice to give because I know nothing about the course.”

Hopefully this shows you that even some of our most in-the-know teachers are just as confused as you are. Stars – they’re just like us! But in all honesty, this advice is pretty legitimate, coming from teachers who know nothing about the course. Stay on track, stay in tune, and you’ll see that HB’s toughest classes – as mysterious as they seem – are not impossible to survive.