By: Jordan Stacy

So… you have decided to play a fall sport. Now what? You have heard about the horror of preseason and are wondering if it is true. Hours of practice in 100-degree weather, sprints and squats until your legs fall off, and timed water breaks. The horror stories you have heard are true, but maybe not as bad as they sound. I’m sure you haven’t heard about the joy of someone bringing popsicles for after practice, walking to Ben and Jerrys for ice cream after, or getting to play games and run around the field with your friends. Preseason can actually be not that bad at all, but there are certain ways to approach it and prepare for it. Below are 7 tips and tricks for preseason.

  1. CONDITIONI cannot stress this enough. CONDITIONING IS A NECESSITY!!!! Your coach is going to expect from you that you have ran over the summer at least a little. It will make sprints 10x easier if you have been running/working out over the summer. Conditioning during practice will be extremely miserable if you are coming off of a summer of not running at all. Running with or going to work out classes with your friends/team is a fun way to get a work out in.
  2. Self-mental motivation: Practice is going to be really hard for anyone who is not able to self-motivate and push themselves. Be positive and push yourself!
  3. Stretch after practice: You’ll be thankful the next morning if you stretch at home for 5 or 10 minutes after practice.
  4. Wear loose clothing: Tight tank tops are not the move. Any restrictive clothing will just make it feel like it is 10 degrees hotter and like you are being suffocated. I suggest just a t-shirt with loose athletic shorts.
  5. Attend team bonding/team practices that happen before preseason startsThese events are really important for good first impressions and also for practicing some skills before you start. You don’t want to be the one girl who on the first day hasn’t picked up her stick/racquet since last year.
  6. Bring a good lunch/snack to have in between practices (if your sport has two a days)Something light but nutritious is awesome to have in between. Also, having something good to eat after practice will motivate you more during morning practice!! It’s a win-win. Examples: Apple and peanut butter, Turkey/Veggie wrap, Hard boiled eggs
  7. Invest in one of these huge water bottles: Make sure you are drinking water before, during, and after practice.

Preseason can be fun and an awesome way to get in good shape for the season!


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