by Michelle Dong

What exactly is a “Vitae term”?

It’s a mini-course model that will explore topics and projects beyond the set courses of the regular curriculum, combining ideas and expertise from more than one department or academic discipline to explore big questions about the world.


Is there homework?

Courses may have a small amount of homework (20-30 minutes maximum), but most of the work will be done in class.


When does it start?

In May, after the AP exams.


Who can take these classes?

People that AP classes.


What class options are there?

Depending on when you have your AP class, there are different options . For students that have AP Biology, AP Computer Science, or AP US History during the C1 block, there are two options:

  1. Chaos and Fractals (taught by Mr. Buescher): Learn how chaotic behavior (a.k.a. extreme sensitivity to initial conditions) occurs in different disciplines including art, math, and computer science and how fractal geometry appears in nature and can be reproduced in fascinating images. Computer science experience is not necessary to be successful in the course.
  2. Adulting 101 (taught by Dr. Miller and Mrs. Patton): From changing a tire to writing a resume, this class will introduce you to practical “adult” skills that will help you navigate life after high school. Each class meeting will be devoted to a different skill. Class time will be hands-on. Any homework will be to prepare you for class work or to help you understand the skills you practiced in class.
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