by Ainsley Bradbury and Stephanie Kaiser

Ah, fortune tellers. The pinnacle of our childhood origami careers, and coincidentally the center of many arguments between friends – after all, if this magical paper could tell your future, it might as well be a good one. If you’re like us, at one point you knew how to make a fortune teller, but since then your brain has been filled with other (much less important) information. Fear not! Here you will find simple instructions on how to make your own very magical and accurate fortune teller, with fortunes that will definitely come true.


Step 1:

Take an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper, since that’s probably the easiest paper for you to find. Of course, if you happen to have a square piece of paper/cardstock, that’s cool too, but we’re trying to be ~relatable.~ To turn your regular-sized piece of paper into a square, turn it so it is portrait-oriented (aka not the normal way). Fold the bottom left corner in so it lines up with the long, top edge. Unfold and repeat with the top left corner, folding it into the long bottom edge. Keep it folded, and you should have an excess rectangle at the right side of the paper that has not been folded at all. Cut it off, and you’ll be left with a perfect square!



Step 2:

Flip the paper so the X folds away from you. Put the paper flat on the surface in front of you, and fold each corner into the center of the paper, so you end up with a smaller square.



Step 3:

Flip the paper upside down, and fold the corners in again to make, yet again, a smaller square.



Step 4:

Fold your square in half by the flat edge, so it becomes a small rectangle.



Step 5:

Using some finesse, wriggle your fingers into the folds on either small of the small rectangle. These fingers should be the thumb and index finger of either hand. No promises on whether or not the fortune teller will work if you use other fingers, or even long sticks (but that would be cool, and we wouldn’t be opposed to you trying it).



Step 6:

If your fortune teller folds the way you want it to, then congratulations! Now you can flatten the fortune teller and decorate to your heart’s desire!



Step 7:

Once your fortune teller is all tatted up and ready to go, you are ready to start your journey as a fortune telling MASTER! Enjoy!



If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to put in your fortune teller, here is a list of ideas! Your fortune teller can be themed, realistic, or completely random. The great thing about fortune tellers is that the fortunes will definitely come true, so the power to reward or punish your friends is in your hands!


  • You will wake up with a cookie in your mouth (on every flap)
  • Meme-themed
    • Harambe – stay away from children or you will never get justice
    • Pepe – you aren’t a hate symbol, you’re just trying your best
    • Arthur – Chuck Norris is afraid of your fist
    • Kermit – Me: you will be really successful         Me to Me: yeah that’s true
    • Good Boy -who’s a good boy? you are!
    • Dogs Wearing Pants – you will live a successful life with many dogs in pants
    • Dat Boi – you will learn how to ride a unicycle
    • God Making Animals – you are an animal god!
    • Bread Sticks – you will never go on a good date but you will always have a food supply in your purse
  • Days of the week
    • Monday – you will get a lot of coffee for free to help you get through your day
    • Tuesday – you will have to do everything twice because it’s two for tuesday!
    • Wednesday – you’ve made it to hump day!!!!
    • Thursday – pedal down hill you’re over the hump!!
    • Friday – if you don’t sing “Friday” by Rebecca Black you will have bad luck
    • Saturday – the more you procrastinate the better of a weekend you will have
    • Sunday – you should dress in all black to mourn the ending of the weekend
    • Holidays – congrats! You don’t have to go to school tomorrow!
  • Horoscopes (you can only use your favorite eight signs)
    • Aries – you will be victorious in the near future
    • Taurus – you will go on a relaxing vacation
    • Gemini – you will make a new friend next week
    • Cancer – you will rant about something this weekend
    • Leo – you will go down in history
    • Virgo – you will have bad luck for the next seven years
    • Libra – you will eat an entire box of mac and cheese
    • Scorpio – you will bake something
    • Sagittarius – you will go on an adventure
    • Capricorn – you will become rich
    • Aquarius – you will become really talented
    • Pices – you will take a really long nap


Now that your fortune teller is hecka decorated and raring to go, go look up another article on how to actually use it. It’s pretty intuitive, we think. Good luck, and try not to abuse your new psychic powers!!!