by Cate Engles

Once upon a time, the class of 2017 started their senior year

They have made many accomplishments, that is quite clear

Each girl is soon to leave a legacy that one will remember

But first, let’s review memories before they leave forever


They allowed us to start our year with a win

Winning the tennis state trifecta surely made us grin

Not only on the courts were we taking dubs

But out on the field our star players made the school a winning hub


Homecoming might have been a sweaty, smelly mess

But our smart seniors wore jerseys instead of a dress

And it wasn’t a surprise when Halloween came around

That the seniors had the best costumes, you could tell they were profound


Before we left for our awaited winter break

We had some important midterms, we all had to take

And even before the doors were open for all

The seniors blessed our house with beautiful voices, not at all dull


The snowy weather could bring some people down

But not the seniors! They never frown!

The swim team killed states while overcome with sickness

And basketball made it so far, who could have guessed!


Spring came around as the excitement of Carnival arose

And we were thrilled to hear the theme of fairy tales when it was proposed

The seniors worked hard to raise lots of money

From spin classes to raffle tickets and a race that was sunny


This year will end soon, and I know that sounds exciting

But the seniors are on their way out, and that is quite bumming

Soon we will see where they are all going to college

and they will complete their theses to show off their knowledge


Thank you for such a great year seniors, you will truly be missed

And we won’t forget your spunk and all that’s on our list

Have lots of fun in college and learn some new things

Please come back to visit and enjoy whatever the world brings