by Sophie Clark and Camryn Parsons


The Indians are back! Many people are expecting big things out of the Indians this season. I know I am hoping for another trip to the World Series (but this time, we’ll win for sure *knock on wood*). The Indians went into their first series hopeful, but unfortunately losing to the Texas Rangers, and our beloved Napoli. However, the Indians have warmed up and with Michael Brantley back and our new power hitter, Edwin Encarnation, our hitting lineup has succeeded well with many home runs per game. Our pitching, as always, has also been brilliant, as Cody Allen and Cory Kluber (the strikeout man!) have proved. Coming up, the Indians will be playing the Astros in late April and in early May, Detroit and Kansas City. Let’s go tribe!


The Cavaliers are beginning post-season, and hopefully a very successful one. Currently, Lebron James is leading with an average of 26.4 points per game. Meanwhile, JR Smith has a left hamstring injury and will have further testing before Game 3 against Indiana. Game 2 for the CAVS was Monday, where they won 117-111. Game 1, they won by only one point, 109-108. Game 4 will be Sunday, and the possible next 3 games (that, hopefully, after Sunday, won’t be possible) are next Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Believe it or not, the Masters (just the biggest golf competition of the year, nbd) was VERY exciting this year. There was a surprising twist where Dustin Johnson, the man thought to win it all, had to withdraw from the tournament due to a sudden back injury. This allowed other golfers to show up on top. Throughout a large portion of the competition, Justin Rose was in a position to win. However, Sergio Garcia pulled through and made it much closer. After a very dramatic 18th hole where both the men missed significant putts to tie the match, there was a playoff hole where Garcia came up victorious. This is the first major playoff win for Sergio Garcia.