by Sophia Hanna

In the past couple of years, a theory has been going around on the internet about how all the Pixar movies connect together, starting and ending with Brave. Even though there have been several movies released since the theory was initially published, it holds true and continues to impress people. Books and articles are published each year on the popular theory, highlight how each and every Pixar movie relates to each other.

The timeline begins with Brave in the 13th century and ends with Monsters Inc., set in the year 5000. Other movies that appear on the Pixar Theory timeline include The IncrediblesFinding Nemo, all three Toy Story movies, Ratatouille, the Cars franchise, UpA Bug’s Life, and Wall-E.

The reason I found this theory so interesting is that a person, while watching these Pixar movies, can find clues that relate each to one another. The crazy thing is that the clues do not create a timeline that matches with the timeline of the release dates of the Pixar movies. The theory also puts a twist on the way you watch each movie individually, whether old or new, because it makes you want to find clues to fit the movie into the timeline. Below is a link to the video, if you want to really go in depth with the theory and be able to make connections when you watch the movie again.