New Air-Taxi System in Dubai!

by Claire McKenna

The new type of taxi has arrived in Dubai! If you’re going out for a girl’s night or just need a lift to work, why not fly there? This summer there is a program launching in the United Arab Emirates to transport people by the air. This self-flying air taxi system requires no pilot and will be able to transfer people short to medium distances. The battery lasts 30 minutes in flight and can travel up to 50 kilometers.

If you were going to use this mode of transport, you first have to request the air taxi, similarly to Uber, and set a pick up location. Once the air-taxi arrives the customer can store one bag, up to 100 kilograms, in the trunk area of the aircraft. Next, the customer climbs into the air-taxi and sets a destination.

After the destination has been set it is able to automatically take off, fly, and then land at the destination. The air-taxi services can also be used in emergency situations or to help hospitals deliver donor organs! Although this system will be set in place this summer in Dubai, there is progress being made in Nevada to eventually bring this air-taxi system to the United States.

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