by Chloe Colligan

The carnival theme was recently announced as FAIRYTALES! If you are struggling to come up with a good costume here are a few ideas to help.


Disney Princesses:



  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
    • Snow White: wear the colors blue, yellow, and red.
    • Dwarves: Each girl can wear nametags or headbands that say which dwarf you are and goofy clothing!
  • Jasmine
    • Blue flowy pants and a blue top.
    • Could add blue headband, and gold earrings.
  • Cinderella
    • Black choker with a light blue outfit.
  • Ariel
    • Metallic green skirt or Scaly leggings with a purple top.
  • Sleeping Beauty
      • PINK (dress, skirt, pants)
  • Beauty and the Beast
    •  Belle: Wear a yellow dress and carry a rose.
    • Beast: Get a bear mask and brown clothes. Crazy hair helps!


Basic Fairytale Characters:


  • Princess
    • Wear a cute dress or skirt and a crown!
  • Prince
    • If you are being a princess, your date or your friend can be your prince by simply wearing a crown.
  • Fairy
    • Wear a sparkly outfit with wings and a wand.
  • Mermaid
    • Wear a metallic skirt or leggings with a fun top!


Group Costumes: 


  • Alice in Wonderland
    • Alice
    • The Mad Hatter
      • The bigger the hat, the better!
    • The Red Queen
    • The White Queen
    • The Caterpillar
    • The White Rabbit
    • Tweedledee & Tweedledum
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Cast of Peter Pan
    • Peter Pan
    • Wendy
    • Tinkerbell
    • The Lost Boys
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf