by Ella Kazazic

The Robotics team at Hathaway Brown, Team 2399, has advanced to the World Championship for the second time in HB history. The competition will be held in St. Louis, Missouri from the 27th of April to the 29th. The team competes in the FIRST robotics competition, where high school students work to build robots to face others in certain challenges each year.

Team 2399 has already had plenty of success in their competitions this year, which has allowed the team to make it to Worlds. Earlier in the year, they competed at Finger Lakes, where they were captains of the 8th alliance. With the way robotics competitions are held, the top eight teams pick an alliance, and those alliances compete against each other to the finals. They competed again at Buckeye, where they reached the 2nd alliance and the finals. This earned the team a wild card to the World Championship.

On their path to the World Championship, Team 2399 has performed outstandingly. Their efforts on the way to victory will definitely give way to fantastic results.