Show the Love Recap

by Alexis Chauvette

This past ‘Show the Love’ allowed each grade to express their appreciation for one another. It served as a great reminder of what the HB community is all about, and how thankful we all are for each other. The gifts given by the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors showed the generosity of each class.

  • Freshmen to Sophomores

This year, the Freshmen wanted to show their love for the Sophomore class through a poem. The poem caused many “aww”s as it highlighted how welcoming the Sophomore class has been. Its 19 lines, for the class of 2019, acknowledged everything that the Sophomore class has done for the Freshmen.

  • Sophomores to Freshmen

The Sophomores also decided to show their appreciation for the Freshmen through writing. Instead of a poem, each Sophomore wrote a Sunshine Note to a Freshman. These notes range from compliments to inside jokes, and show just how thankful the Sophomores are. Cementing their love for the freshmen even more, the Sophomores sang “I’ll be There for You,” the theme song from the TV show Friends.

  • Juniors to Seniors

The Junior class gave the senior class a gift they will never forget. Knowing how important Carnival is to the Seniors, the Juniors obtained pledges for the Carnival Dance and 5K Race. In addition, the juniors raised 160 dollars for Refugee Response. To top it off, the Juniors also made a video highlighting the reasons they love, and will miss, the seniors. Speaking for the Seniors, we were blown away by the generosity and thought behind the gift.

  • Seniors to Juniors

Following the success of last year’s ‘Show the Love’ video, based on The Bachelor, the Seniors decided to make another video, this time based on The Office. This video showed the cast of the Office brainstorming for what present they should get the Juniors. At the end of the video, Ally Persky read the Acceptance letter to Senior University that the Senior class wrote to the Juniors. After going through the college process, the Seniors wanted to lessen some of the stress the Juniors will soon be feeling.