by : Ella Kazazic

Course selection is nearly complete, and many students strive to take classes next year that they couldn’t take this year. As a reminder of the variety of classes that you now have the opportunity to take, here is a list of new courses offered in the 2017-2018 school year!

1. AP Computer Science Principles: This new addition to the Computer Science

department is a course focusing on introductory computing and programming. It is

complementary to the AP Computer Science A class, and students can take the two in

any order. The class is one credit, and the only prerequisite is Exploring Computer

Science or departmental approval.

2. Advanced Latin Literature/Introduction to Greek Honors: This course was

implemented to replace Latin 4 Honors and Post-AP Latin. It involves translation of

advanced authentic Latin literature as well as the fundamentals of the Greek language,

including Greek culture and history. The class is one credit, and the prerequisite is

either an A- or higher in Latin 3 or a B+ or higher in Latin 3 Honors. Teacher approval

is further required to take this course.

3. Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation: This introductory course was designed

to introduce students to the world of digital space as well as 3D modeling and

animation. The primary program used in the class is Autodesk’s Maya. The class is

half of a credit, and the prerequisite is Studio Art Survey or departmental approval.

4. Social Justice Capstone Seminar: This class encourages students to act to make

the world a better place. An objective of the course is to plan a Student Diversity

Leadership Summit inviting schools across Cleveland to discuss diversity, social

justice, and activism. This course is also a new addition to the Social Justice Fellows

designation. The class is one eighth of a credit, and uses a pass/fail grading system.

The prerequisite is TRUST, Social Justice and the Media, and the completion of

activism experiences.

5. Musical Theatre: The objective of this class is to hone students’ skills in acting,

singing, and dancing. The course will provide students with training in musical theater,

including both comic and dramatic moments. The class is half a credit, and the

prerequisite is Acting, HB Singers, or Dance Technique.

6. World Dance Appreciation: This course teaches students about the styles and roles

of dance throughout different cultures, allowing students to see the world through a

different lens. The course is one eighth of a credit, and is graded on a pass/fail scale.

There is no prerequisite to this course.

The following three courses replace the current Technical Theatre courses.

7. Introduction to Theatre Production: This course provides an introduction to

technical theatre and production, including lighting, sound, scenery, and projections.

The course also teaches students about general theatre history. The class is half of a

credit, and there is no prerequisite.

8. Production and Design: This course encourages students to think critically and

collaborate through hands-on learning with technical theatre. Many design techniques

will be introduced to students, as well, and the class concentrates on lighting and

scenery. This course is half of a credit, and the prerequisite is Technical Theatre or

Introduction to Theatre Production.

9. Advanced Production and Design: This class expands upon the knowledge learned

in Production and Design, and continues to provide hands-on learning in technical

theatre methods and techniques. This course focuses more of sound and projection

design. The class is half of a credit and the prerequisite is Production and Design or

Advanced Technical Theatre.

Whichever classes you have decided on for your preliminary course selection, look into the

new courses! You may find a class that you were dying to take, but was not offered before.

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