by Amy Howarth

For the 2017 Super Bowl 51, we all know the game was a nail biter and Lady Gaga’s half time show was a jaw dropper, but the commercials were definitely something to talk about. Companies during the Super Bowl always come out with new, creative, and often times very funny commercials for us to enjoy in between the game. Here are some of the best voted Super Bowl commercials of 2017 according to USA Today.

Number 1. Kia, “Hero’s Journey”
The Kia “Hero’s Journey” ad starred Melissa McCarthy and her efforts to try and save the planet. She cannot solve every problem facing the planet – however, she can help by driving the fuel efficient Kia Niro. The Kia commercial was not only informative about the product but also very humorous while going on so many different adventures.


Number 2. Honda, “Yearbooks”
The Honda, “Yearbooks,” commercial depicts famous people in today’s world in their yearbooks in years past. They talk about how no one would have expected them to be as successful as they are. This commercial mentions how they had to go further to be successful which is Honda’s motto.


Number 3. Audi, “Daughter”
The Audi, “Daughter,” commercial features a father who is trying to raise his daughter to know that she’s equal to men. However, men in today’s world are given higher pay and more priority over men. Audi is advertising that they are giving their men and woman employees an equal salary. This says a lot about the company’s desire to have equal rights for women and it can be relatable for many people.


Number 4. Budweiser, “Born the Hard Way”
The Budweiser, “Born the Hard Way,” commercial is about Adolphus Busch, who immigrated from Germany to America. His journey is long, hard, and he is not treated well at times. However, in the end he gets to show his idea for the beer he created to the head business man of Budweiser. The commercial is advertising how Budweiser is a hardworking and dedicated company.


Number 5. Tide, “Bradshaw Stain”
The Tide, “Bradshaw Stain,” commercial depicts Terry Bradshaw and how he has a stain on his shirt for such a long amount of time. Even after such a long time he is finally able to wash his shirt and the adventures he goes to be able to wash it are very humorous. This advertises that Tide can clean stains no matter how long they are on an article of clothing.



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