by Camryn Parsons

Friday, January 20th the changes began. Already there have been multiple issues wiped off the White House page. No longer is climate change on there. There is nothing about LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, civil rights issues, etc.

Here was President Obama’s White House page:

And this is Trump’s:

The differences are very clear.  

Trump has held office for about two months and we have already seen devastating changes. Many people have chosen optimism, to remain hopeful, give him an open mind. I shall not consider this path. He has spoken with too much hate, moved with too much ignorance, chosen too much disrespect. We pride ourselves in being the “home of the brave,” but Trump is not brave. He has pryed on people’s fears, twisted, them, used them to his advantage. He is weak. He does not embrace freedom or basic human rights. It is clear how his treatment differs towards minorities, whether they be religious, ethnic, racial, gender, etc.  

For me and millions of others, Inauguration Day was a very sad day in very many ways. But the Saturday after the inauguration gave me a sense of pride for many of my fellow Americans. It reminded me that despite all the bad people in this world, there are so many good, willing to stand up and do what it takes to fight for change. Even scrolling through Instagram made me feel better, I was amazed with the number of posts I saw against Trump involving some form of activism, many at the women’s march. Despite a man trying to tear so many apart, we are finding a way to build each other up. Our country is and will be devastated because of Trump. I am unhappy and unsettled. He represents so many of the wrongs in this world, and I don’t care if he is now one of the most powerful people today. He doesn’t deserve this job, and he doesn’t deserve my respect. He will not get that.


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