By Cate Engles

This time of year can be hectic. It’s post holiday season, and it can be hard to find things to look forward to in the months of February and March. Snow turns to slush, and school turns into a full-time job. As seniors are awaiting news from their applied-to colleges, and freshman are writing another research paper, there are some things we students can do to relax. Whether it is in between a sports practice and a study session, or sometime before school, here is a list of things to do when you want to get your mind off of your own list of things to do…

  1. Listening to Music

Put on your headphones and unwind. Allow your music to take your mind off of your busy agenda. If you’re feeling down listen to uplifting, fun music. It will put you in a better mood and empower you to check things off your to-do list. Perhaps you want to sleep or relax? Listen to slower music, and it will allow you to reflect on the day and organize your thoughts.

  1.  Get Some Exercise

Yes, I know, this is just another thing to fit in your jam-packed day, but if you are not already, you should try to work out in any way for at least one hour a day. It will make you feel better no matter what, and automatically puts you in a better mood. Taking time to exercise will allow your body to release endorphins that will make you more positive and productive. There is nothing more rewarding than feeling healthy and happy after getting in a good workout.

  1.  Allow Time Just for Yourself

Whether it’s watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or taking a longer shower than usual, allow some time in your day to get your mind off the craziness of the world around you. Instead of focusing and over-thinking the drama in your own life, escape to a world of someone else’s drama for forty-five minutes. It may not seem like it, but watching an episode of The Office can make you forget about the negative things going on in your life at the moment and lift your spirits.

  1. Make a Healthy Snack

Food makes everything better, right? So why not make a delicious snack that can also be healthy! You can take a quick twenty minutes to treat yourself to a snack that is a little more elaborate than a Brown Bag snack. For instance, try making a smoothie after school to refuel before a homework session, or perhaps avocado toast. Yes, this is a little more time consuming than a granola bar, but you will feel so rewarded and good about yourself after.

  1.  Take a Night In

With school, a social life, and sports, we have to travel place to place every day. It can get tiresome, and sometimes we need to rejuvenate ourselves before another long and hectic week. On the weekend, take a night to stay in. You can still have your friends over, but just chill out for the night. Put on a movie and order a pizza. There is no greater feeling than doing this with some good friends. Even allow yourself to eat some junk food while you’re at it. We need to do this every once in awhile to let ourselves relax and surround ourselves with positivity only.

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