by Alex Garrow  

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a date or not, romantic comedies are a great way to get in the spirit of the holiday. Below are some of my favorite rom-coms in honor of February 14th. 

27 Dresses


27 Dresses is the story of Jane (Katherine Heigl), a woman who endlessly puts others before herself and is hopelessly in love with her uninterested boss. Jane has dreamed of her own wedding day since she was a little girl, but she finds herself stuck as a bridesmaid time and time again (27 times to be exact). At one of the many weddings, Jane meets Kevin Doyle (James Marsden), a dreamy journalist who writes for the wedding section of a newspaper. Through many awkward scenes and encounters, including her phony younger sister getting engaged to her boss, Jane learns how to take care of herself and find the true man of her dreams.

50 First Dates


Ever since a tragic car accident, Lucy (Drew Barrymore), has had short term memory loss, making every day seem like the day before the accident. Her life is an endless cycle of oblivion as she relives the same day over and over again. Then she meets Henry (Adam Sandler). Henry is a wacky walrus trainer who has always feared commitment, but his outlook changes when he meets Lucy. Each day Henry comes up with imaginative ways to make Lucy fall in love with him. Will this time-consuming setup get in the way of him achieving his long-term goals, or will Lucy start to remember?

The Proposal


Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is a controlling, intimidating boss who desperately needs a green card to stay in America (she’s Canadian). Her solution is to convince her timid assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her. He agrees, with the conditions that include a promotion and flying to Alaska to visit his quirky family. Margaret and Andrew must pretend to be hopelessly in love to persuade his no-boundaries family and a leering immigration official that they are fiances.

Edge of 17 


Teenage life has been a rocky ride for Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), and matters only get worse when her only friend falls for her popular older brother. Nadine is eccentric, stubborn, and hopelessly awkward. Things finally start looking up for Nadine when she befriends a dorky cartoon artist from school who, she fails to realize, has feelings for her. This movie is a twist on the classic high school flick that depicts the life of a girl struggling through a rough year with a new love interest.  

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 


Toula Portokalos (Nina Vardalos) is a single 30-year old woman who works at her family’s Greek restaurant. Toula’s family is big, loud, opinionated, and, above all, proudly Greek. Toula takes control of her destiny when she goes to college and gives herself a much-needed makeover. Her glo-up and newfound confidence helps her land the guy of her dreams; the only problem is that he isn’t Greek. Her family is forced to come to terms with this untraditional man, and coerces him into in the biggest, Greekest, wedding of all time.
If Valentines’ day and romantic comedies aren’t your thing, keep in mind chocolates goes on sale February 15. Treat yoself!


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