by Cate Engles

The talent show this year was a hit. We had students perform all kinds of hilarious, witty, beautiful, and original talents. Senate kicked it off with a great lip-sync battle against the faculty. With Senate singing Bruno Mar’s “24k Magic”, and the teachers with Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”, it was a tough call who was the winner.

What about the comedians we have here at HB?! Seniors Maren Butler and Holly Galbincea came out with a never-before-seen act titled “#thewhopperchallenge” that blew the crowd away. I don’t think I have ever seen that many seniors stand up that quickly on a Thursday morning! The swim team juniors (plus two freshmen) also gave a heartfelt tribute to the senior swimmers. Their act was so amazing, no wonder they got the award for “Most Original”. Also, I’m pretty sure some students shed a tear during the “HB Song” (to the tune of “Hello” by Adele), but I could not tell you if it was because of the emotional performance or the hilarious inside jokes they included.

It also is no surprise at how talented our singers were. All of the solos, duets, and trios should be found on a Spotify playlist! The performers sang songs in all genres: musical theater, pop, indie, and alternative. Performances that specifically stuck out to the judges was the song/poem mashup performed by Maria Perilla, Brett Parsons, and Anna Kalra. Kodaline’s “All I Want” sung by Brett and Anna and Maria’s powerful poem left the crowd in awe. Archer Frodyma and Delani Hughes also gave a beautiful performance that showed that two voices are truly greater than one. Seniors Emma Picht and Anna Hollweg added to the show with performances that deserved Tonys. The judges would agree with this, for they awarded them with “Most Likely to Perform on Broadway”.

Like the singers, there were quite a few dancers I can picture in a Broadway performance, or perhaps a ballet, or music video. Anna Wen had a flawless performance that showed off all of her talented skills. Her leaps, turns, and pointed toes were spot on (Abby Lee Miller would most definitely put her on the top of the pyramid). Raea Palmieri looked like she should be performing at Radio City Music Hall. The audience was left awestruck by the height of her jumps and her insane flexibility.  

Overall, the 2017 Hathaway Brown Talent Show was a success! Each performance was different than the one before it. Keep your eyes out for our rising stars. Who knows, you might find one with their own show, song, or movie! The talent at HB continues to surprise me. Next years performers have big shoes to fill!

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  1. Just a point of clarification that the song “A Parody to Adle’s infamous Hello: The HB Edition” and the performers were Sukhmani Kaur and Ishu K. since you forgot their names 🙂

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