by Sophie Clark

Its officially the best season for the movies, and with new movies comes awards and multiple trips to the theater. So far, the Golden Globes showed that La La Land came out on top in their Musical/Comedy category, and for the Dramas, many movies showed their promise, but Moonlight took the big prize for Best Motion Picture, Drama. Personally, I haven’t seen many of the movies, but my family has seen a handful, so most of the reviews will come from them. (I’m going to review some, but not all, of the most talked about films of 2016).

La La Land

I honestly loved this movie. Since I saw it yesterday, I may still be in the “obsessed” phase, but this was really a stand out to me. It combines music and romance and still stays true to the reality that sometimes, your dreams come first. In my opinion, this was the best of 2016, and if you’re into musicals, this is a must see.


This is an incredibly touching coming of age movie, which tackles many issues facing young adults. First love, fitting in, finding your way in the world. Typically, movies like Moonlight have tragedy and doom lingering around every corner. This movie is different in so many ways, but most notably in that it handles difficult subjects through pure story-telling and not gratuitous violence or tragedy.

Arrival (written by my brother, Graham)

Arrival was a very intriguing take on what an alien visitation might be like in the real world. I did se this movie and when I did the plot was not as predictable as

I had thought before. I loved this movie and how it showed how important and complex language truly is.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures won the Ensemble Cast award at the SAGs this past weekend. In her acceptance speech, Hidden Figures star, Octavia Spencer, declared the lives of the mathematician women of color depicted in the film were hidden no more. This film is an important account of the lives of women instrumental in the space race of the 60s. It is difficult to watch and be reminded of a segregated America that existed only a short time ago. This is an excellent film. No young girl – or boy – should miss it.

Manchester By the Sea

Manchester by the Sea is set in Manchester, New Hampshire, not the English city, and stars Golden Globe and SAG award nominee Casey Affleck. A family loss prompts Affleck’s character to return to his place of birth where he has to face tragic memories and take on new responsibilities. The film deftly deals with its somber storyline with authenticity and surprising humor.  Watch out for the Oscar worthy star turn by Michelle Williams as Affleck’s ex-wife…. and bring the tissues.

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