School Resolutions for 2017

by Audra Keresztesy

The holidays are a busy time of year with everyone on winter break. Those two weeks fly by in what feels like mere seconds and before you know it, we’re back at school. Everyone is so busy that there’s no time to make resolutions for the New Yea and by the time you have a second to catch your breath, 2017 is already in full swing. For anyone who feels that they missed their chance to make goals for 2017 or they don’t know where to begin making resolutions, I have a few ideas for us as a school to improve upon together.

  • Cleaning the Dining Hall- Let’s make an honest and conscientious effort to clean up after OURSELVES at lunch. Yes, there are assigned mentor groups each week but there shouldn’t have to be. We should be able to manage ourselves a little better than the Middle School.
  • Making Room in the Hallway- If you are on your phone or waiting outside of a class for the bell, please stand along the wall. There are a lot of girls with places to go, so just be courteous.
  • School Spirit- As an athlete, it’s always encouraging to look into the stands at an athletic event and see friends, classmates, and teachers cheering you on. We have really great teams at HB with girls who work hard all year, so make sure to support them! Bonus:  There are usually concessions that you can purchase, also brought to you by HB students!
  • Quiet in the Library- The age old complaint at HB is that the library is too loud. This could be the year that we finally make the library a quiet place for everyone! If you plan to work with a group, try to find an empty classroom or another space where you won’t disturb others and they in turn will not bother you.
  • Be Careful on Social Media- Social Media has taken over our generation, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid it. Just be mindful that when you post or send anything, you are representing yourself as a student and as a person. Remember that if it’s online, it can be found by teachers, college admissions personnel, and future employers.

Even though January is almost over, it’s never too late to make a lifestyle change! Don’t let the calendar determine your future. You can help make a difference in the school and in yourself, so give it a try!