Sally Senior Vol. 5

Hi Sally,

I was wondering what you missed from your underclassman days?


Justine Junior


Hi Justine,

I would say I miss having an older mentor—a class to learn from and to look up to. Especially freshman and sophomore year, the senior classes seemed really powerful and influential, and they definitely set the tone for the entire upper school. Now that I’m a senior, I have to think more about the tone I’m setting—is it the kind of “legacy” I’d like to leave? Being a senior has definitely made me more aware of the energy I put out to the school. As an underclassman I had the luxury of feeling more insignificant since there was always a class ahead of me doing great things and making their mark. Now it’s me who is leading the way, and it’s my class that is getting into college, winning awards, and being great. It’s a wonderful and simultaneously scary feeling. My advice to you, as a junior, is to enjoy being lead because it’s the best way to learn about being a leader. Try and push out positive energy and let whatever hits you, hit you. This is the motto I’ve carried through high school and definitely one that I will try and bring with me to college as well.


Sally Senior