Gilmore Girls Reunion Review

by Alex Garrow and Chloe Colligan




After six seasons of a heartwarming, hilarious, quick-paced show about a unique mother-daughter relationship, Netflix returned with a four episode reunion. The end of the original series shows Rory graduating from Yale, rejecting Logan’s proposal, and getting a job as a journalist on a presidential campaign. Viewers worldwide mourned Rory and Logan’s breakup, while still feeling excited for the prospects of Rory’s career. Read below to learn what two Gilmore-obsessed viewers with differing opinions thought of the new episodes.


Where it went right……


The reunion featured many of the quirky, hilarious characters from the original seasons which kept the viewers laughing throughout the long episodes. Even though Rory ends up single, Lorelai gets married to Luke. The problems they solve with one another throughout the four episodes makes their marriage in the end even more gratifying. Emily, Lorelai’s mother, also finds newfound happiness when she leaves the community that had been her identity for the entirety of the original series. All of the cheerful characters compensated for her lack of a happy ending.

I also enjoyed seeing what the characters looked like now. Although this can be searched on the internet any time of day, it’s entirely different seeing them act as the same characters as they did almost 10 years ago. Rory and her three suitors (specifically Jess and Logan) got better looking with age, while Luke seemed to carry the burden of time. Even Emily Gilmore, now in her 70s, didn’t look a day older than she did when the original episodes came to an end.

Honestly, I was upset by many parts of the reunion episodes. The show didn’t document Rory living the life she’d dreamed of since high school at the beginning of the series; she isn’t with the man she loves or working at her dream job. Instead, it tells the story of someone who had been granted endless opportunities and is now struggling to succeed. These four episodes show the journey of Rory finding herself, a job that makes her happy, and a man who will treat her right. Although the reunion wasn’t as feel-good as the original series, it showed a thought-provoking view into Rory’s life as an adult.


Where it Went Wrong……


From the first episode of Gilmore girls on October 5, 2000, everyone was hooked. For six seasons, we all watched Rory make it through thousands of obstacles in high school and college; we watched her with Dean, Jess and Logan. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, and in October of 2016, a reunion came out. I personally do not think that these four reunion episodes lived up to the Gilmore girls reputation. Yes, it ended with a major jaw dropper, but while watching it I did not feel as interested as I was with the first six seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting insight on what had been happened in Rory and Lorelai’s lives, but I just wish that there had been a little more to the plot. The easy and fun relationship between Rory and Lorelai did not seem the same. They seemed more stiff and their fun playful banter had become a little more serious. I also think that the episodes could have been shorter instead of four, two hour episodes which seemed to drag on.

The reunion episodes also lacked romance. As I said earlier, we all loved watching Rory with Jess, Logan, and Dean in the original series. I think that everyone was excited to see who ends up being the future Mr. Gilmore. The problem was that Rory ended up with none of them. I think that this crushed many fans who were hoping for her to pick one of them. Overall, the reunion did not give viewers the same Rory and Lorelai Gilmore experience, and this was the real disappointment. I hope that if the producers decide to continue making more reunion episodes that they can get back to what they had created in the first six seasons.