Fun Indoor Activities to do in the Winter

by Amy Howarth

In the winter, and especially during the new year, it can be hard to find fun things to do that keep you warm and can give you a good workout. In Cleveland it can be extra hard because, as we all know, it gets to be too cold outside, making us less motivated. But, hopefully these suggestions will keep you motivated to do some fun indoor activities in Cleveland this winter.

Bowling– Bowling is a fun sport to do indoors and is especially fun to do with friends. Luckily there are many places to go bowling in Cleveland. A few bowling allies in Cleveland are: The Corner Alley Down Town on East 4th Street, Freeway Lanes in Parma, and Fairview Lanes in Lorain.

Going to the gym– Going to a gym in the winter is a great way to get in a good workout while doing many of the things we do in the warm weather- such as run or cycle. There are many gyms in Cleveland that have a variety of equipment and are easy to join. This includes; Planet Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, LA Fitness, BARRE Cleveland, and many more.

Yoga- Yoga is a great way to exercise in the winter because it is very relaxing and helps relieve stress. This is very helpful in the next few weeks especially, since we all have a lot on our plates right now at the start of the second semester. Taking a yoga class or maybe even a few could make a huge difference, lowering our stress levels. Yoga Roots, Cleveland Yoga, Inner Bliss Yoga, and Bikram Yoga are a few out of many yoga studios in Cleveland.

Rock climbingRock climbing is an awesome and really exciting activity that builds your arm muscles and core. It is also a great skill to begin to learn because if you get good enough, you can eventually climb real mountains. Cleveland Rock Gym, Kendall Cliffs Climbing Gym, and Rock Mill Climbing are some of the only places to go rock climbing in Cleveland. Head to one of them on your next free weekend to get a great workout and have a blast.

Ice Skating- Ice skating is an awesome indoor activity because you can choose if you want to figure skate, speed skate (like hockey), or learn both.   There are many places in Cleveland to ice skate such as; Cleveland Skating Club, Pavilion Skating Club of Cleveland, Thornton, and Euclid C.E. Orr Ice Arena.

Jumping- Jumping on trampolines is always an exciting activity especially because you can try new tricks like flips and turns. Also, it is a great cardio workout and it can really tone up your legs. I’m sure you have all herd of Sky Zone and know that they have many locations all over Cleveland. Zip City and Extreme Air Trampoline Park are two other popular places to go and have fun jumping and flipping around.