Ask Sally Senior Vol. 4

Dear Sally Senior,

Is it true that seniors will rip your head off if you ask them anything about the college process?


Jessie Junior


Dear Jessie Junior,

The short answer is yes. It is best to leave the word “college” out of all discussions with seniors. The best case scenario is that we exit the conversation and continue procrastinating. In fact, you can just not talk about anything having to do with “colleges,” “essays,” or (I shudder typing this) “the Common application.” Any incoming texts or emails with these words automatically get deleted. The entire senior class has decided to join the track team so that we can successfully sprint away from all adults asking us about the college process. Senior year is basically an extended hide-and-seek game between us and the college process. Start practicing now and you may be able to get through the entire first semester of senior year without any problems.

Okay, so maybe all of that is not totally true. While I doubt that any of us are strong enough to actually rip your head off, applying to college is a pretty stressful time. Most people would rather not talk about it so that they don’t have to relive all that pressure/worry/sleeplessness. I would strongly recommend that you refrain from asking a first-semester senior how the college process is going or what colleges they want to go to unless they invite you to. It is always best to be supportive of your senior friends’ privacy. If they want to talk about it, that’s great, but don’t constantly ask them questions about the college process if they are not comfortable sharing. If you want advice about college, you can ask teachers, college counselors, and even seniors as the process starts to wind down. In a few months, we will look back at this time and laugh.


Sally Senior