New Elective Offerings for 2017-2018 School Year

by Maggie Amjad

HB always offers a wide variety classes and exciting electives. Whether you love writing poems with Parsons or diving into the problems that plague our world with Mrs. Seals, there is a course for you!

Computer Science junkies will be excited to hear AP Computer Science Principles will join Exploring Computer Science and AP Computer Science. If you can’t get enough of Mr. Kolin, sign up for of Adv. Latin Literature/Intro Greek Honors which will be replacing Latin 4 Honors and Post-AP Latin. Down in the idea lab, Introduction to 3D Digital Modeling & Animation will be offered in addition to Intro to ideas. The theater department offerings will be revamped with Introduction to Theater Production, Production & Design and Advanced Production & Design. These classes will replace the previous tech theater classes. A new Social Justice Fellows designation will be offered through Social Justice Capstone Seminar. Additionally, Musical Theater and World Dance Appreciation will be added next year.

Electives from last year will continue to be offered as well. Writing community and Retrospect are fun options to improve your writing and reporting skills outside of English. Global Scholars, Community Based learning and Climate and Action are interesting options too. Leadership Seminar and Social Justice and the Media are great classes for stepping out of your comfort zone and addressing the problems in our society. As always, Science Research and Engineering will be offered along with Business and Finance.

Arts are another great way to fill out your schedule. Printmaking, photo and varsity art are great options, and with a few other requirements, you can receive a Visual Arts designation. The same goes for the Performing arts. With 1.5 credits, a performing experience and 3 extracurricular performances in addition to a capstone project. Other electives include the Multicultural Reading Group, Mathematical Problem Solving and Athletic Injury Prevention.

February 6th marks the elective assembly so keep an eye out for new classes and fun opportunities.