Ask Sally Senior Vol. 3

Dear Sally Senior,

Do colleges only look at GPA or do they look at each and every grade in your high school?


Fannie Freshman


Dear Fannie Freshman,

Colleges are always watching. They see what time you go to bed. They know what you had for breakfast and how many bowel movements you had that day. In addition, they ask for your first-born son as a sacrifice when you send in your applications. As a freshman, you should be very, very afraid, and it is in your best interest to forget about schoolwork and spend all of your time focusing on how stressful the college process is. Okay, I’m totally kidding.

In all seriousness, colleges will not see every test, paper, and quiz you’ve ever taken. As a senior, I’ve flat out failed a couple assignments over the years, but it doesn’t matter too much because as long as the overall letter grade in the class is solid, you’re solid. When you send in a transcript, you send in a report card. It lists the classes, the difficulty level, the letter grade, and your GPA. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and if you’re feeling that concerned about your grades I would recommend talking with your mentor because you don’t have a counselor yet.


Sally Senior