5 Electives HB Should Offer

By Maya Razmi and Cynthia Wang

It’s obvious that there are a variety of classes offered at HB. From ceramics classes to yearbook, chances are that you’ll find something that interests you! However, there are some classes you won’t see on the electives list that maybe deserve to be there. Here are some classes that we think that HB should add, even if it is only once a rotation during X periods. We talked to some of you about what you want and here are the top five!

1. Astronomy

Who doesn’t love talking about stars and explosions in the sky? In this class, we would discuss anything from astrobiology to various planetary systems. A couple of years ago, Emily Spencer used her Strnad to create an X period elective discussing astronomy. This elective was pretty popular, and after talking to some students there is a clear consensus: we should bring it back!


2. Marketing

Marketing is important in almost any sector. It’s something that utilizes creativity and science! Learning not only how to market, but how marketing influences our decisions in day to day life is something that would really help prepare us for the real world.


3. Animation

Want to learn how the professionals created Wreck It Ralph or Mickey Mouse? Then take Animations! This class would teach students how to make their drawings come to life on the screen! Students can let their creative side flow with this class. They can create a cute animation or an inspirational story. Everything will seem to come alive! Plus, who doesn’t like watching animations? Hit movies such as Frozen and Tangled are all animated! Maybe after taking this class, you yourself could make a hit animated movie. It could be an easy art credit and you’d have a blast! This elective could be a top choice among the masses at Hathaway Brown and would be a great add to the variety of arts offered!


4. Home-Ec

I’ll be completely honest. There’s been a time when I burned hot chocolate. Clearly, I need a home-ec class. Home-ec would be a great opportunity to learn how to cook fun recipes to try at home, or at least teach students how to not burn down the house. Like other electives, it would be a nice, easygoing class while also teaching an important and useful life skills. Students can learn the recipes and share their dishes with others! Also, ever need to make a cute present for a friend? Just take Home-ec and learn how to sew your own stuffed animal or PJs! If you ever ripped a hole in your favorite shirt, with Home-ec, you can learn how to sew it up and make it brand new! Taking this course would be fun and useful, making it a valuable elective to include at HB!


5. Adulting 101

Even though HB prepares us “not for school but for life”, let’s be real – not a lot of us know how to really adult. What would be included in this class? Activities on “how to not keel over from exhaustion in the middle of the day” and “making sure that you don’t collapse under immense stress”. Wait…is this “Adulting 101” or “High School 101”…?