Hot Yoga

by Maggie Amjad

The start of a new semester brings countless amounts of stress and anxiety. Everyone deals with their stress in different ways, but this season I suggest visiting your local yoga studio to sweat out your bad energy. Cleveland Yoga, Yoga Roots, and Barre 3 are all in the Shaker area and offer a wide variety of meditative classes.

I frequently visit Cleveland Yoga on Richmond Rd. The two hot yoga classes which I have gone to have left me feeling fresh and relaxed. There is something indescribably spiritual about sweating out all your toxins while bending in ways I previously thought impossible. The 90-minute class moves through sun salutations, flexibility and balance, and ends with a core section. The heat is up to 92 F from an original 87 F. The studio offers week passes for new students- $20 for a week of unlimited yoga. After the class, I feel zen, refreshed and sore.

The heat serves the purpose of allowing an increase in blood flow to your muscles, increasing your flexibility while preventing injury. The studio provides a refuge from the cold and a different solution for working off school-related stress!