Succulents with Grace Amjad

by Grace Beedles

I really don’t understand all the rage with succulents. They are just green, prickly plants everyone seems to have in their houses. Personally, I’m not drawn to them, but I wanted to figure out why my friends find succulents so appealing. Therefore, I decided to interview succulent extraordinaire Grace Amjad. I’m pretty sure there isn’t another person in HB who loves succulents as much as she does. Grace owns numerous succulents. She owns so many in fact she started to give them away to her friends.


Grace Beedles: How did you first here about succulents?

Grace Amjad: I saw them ,at the store and thought they were cute.

GB: How many succulents do you have?

GA: A lot.

GB: Where can people buy succulents?

GA: Online, Home Depot, Lowes or any cool place!

GB: Is there much maintenance involved with succulents? Explain how you take care of your succulents.

GA: No, I water them once a week and give them sunlight.

GB: Why do love succulents?

GA: I can’t kill them. They are fun, cute, and they make me happy!

GB: What is your favorite kind of succulent? Why?

GA: I like all kinds of succulents.

GB: What makes succulents different from your run of the mill household plant?

GA: They are really hard to kill, so that’s good! Also, their leaves grow into new plants.

GB: Do you own succulent themed products? If so, what types of products?

GA: I have succulent themed erasers, that’s all really. Oh, I have succulent laptop stickers too.

GB: How long have you liked succulents?

GA: I got my first succulent the summer before freshmen year.

GB: How big do succulents grow to be?

GA: Depends. Some get super super tall; others get fat.

GB: If someone were to get a succulent, where should it be kept in their home?

GA: Window sill, somewhere where you don’t forget about it.


After the interview, I’m still not interested in succulents. They seem like low-maintenance plants and good for anyone who usually kills plants. I’m glad I got to know more about succulents, but again I still don’t understand the sudden trend forming around them.


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