by Amy Howarth

A few weeks ago, exchange students from Australia arrived in Cleveland to participate in the HB-Ravenswood exchange. While they are here, you might not have the chance to ask the students questions about Australia or themselves one-on-one. So in following with the theme of interviewing HB’s exchange students, here are a few fun facts about on of our Australian exchange students, Elizabeth Rich!

Grade- Sophomore

Home Country– Sydney, Australia

Attends– Ravenswood School for Girls

Favorite things to in Australia– Loves going to the beach

Favorite things to do in the US– Has loved getting to know the girls at HB from all different grades, getting to know her exchange family, and has loved seeing the city because it’s very different from Australia.

Favorite food/ restaurant in Australia– Her mom’s Pavlova

Favorite food/ restaurant in the US– Sandwiches from Luna and she says, “Your pizza here is amazing!!!!”

Favorite sports/ extracurricular activities in Australia– Dances 20 hours from Monday to Friday and has competitions on the weekends. Also, plays touch footy, soccer, netball, and goes to the gym weekly.

Favorite sports/ extracurricular activities in the US– Hopes to do basketball and dance at HB.

Favorite holiday in Australia– Australia Day because she and her friends go to the beach all day.

Favorite Holidays in the US– Hasn’t celebrated any yet and, but is excited for Thanksgiving.

Overall experience in the US and at HB– Elizabeth says, “My experience in the US has literally been so amazing and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be able to be at HB! The girls here are some of the nicest girls I have ever come across and the strong inclusiveness at HB is something I will always remember. I’ve loved every minute here and have gained an entirely new perspective on myself and schooling in general already, which hopefully I will bring home to Australia! So thank you HB< 3.”

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