A Not So Conventional Thanksgiving

by Alex Garrow

Our beloved Turkey Day has come and gone, but the memories we made this Thanksgiving will last forever. Many families spend their Thanksgivings cooking meals, watching football, or visiting extended family. My family, however, boycotts all of the classic Thanksgiving rituals for their own unique traditions.

We start our Thanksgiving celebrations on the preceding Wednesday with a movie night. Everyone in my family usually watches TV in separate rooms, but the night before Thanksgiving we all agree upon a movie to watch in theaters. Although choosing a movie seems like a simple task, it is rather complicated in a family with widely varying interests. My little brother enjoys superhero and action films, while my sister prefers the complete opposite: romantic-comedies. Getting the family to agree on anything takes hours, but we always miraculously reach a compromise (even though it usually ends with at least one person a little upset).

The next morning, while families around America bustle about their kitchens, we sleep in. For me, this means waking up at lunch time. The rest of my family prefers getting up around 8 AM instead of at the crack of dawn. For lunch we order sushi, the family favorite, and spend rest of the day relaxing; although sometimes we replace the ever popular Black Friday shopping spree with a Turkey Thursday version, beating the crowds and getting all deals. Since all of my extended family live long plane rides away, we sometimes organize a small dinner with family friends instead.

Although our traditions may not be conventional (we don’t even have turkey!), we do spend the holiday together as a family. To each family their own, and to many more years of special Thanksgivings!


Featured image: http://runeatrepeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/best-thanksgiving-gifs-blog-6_thumb.gif

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