A Warning to All HB Students

by Lekha Medarametla and Roxana Moazami

The temperature is slowly dropping, the sun is still kind of shining, the moon is back to its normal size, and it’s silent because birds have now flown south for the winter. Thanksgiving break has come and gone, and even though we have not experienced our first snowfall, winter is coming.

Winter: a long break, many snow days, the most wonderful time of the year, and…


Sorry…sorry…we had to.

With doomsweek rapidly approaching, now is the time to prepare for the long haul ahead.

We don’t mean to alarm you, (okay, maybe a little.) But contrary to the general feeling at the Hath, midterms are sneaking up fast. Now is the time to get organized so they don’t hit you like a freight train later. Hopefully you enjoyed thanksgiving, slept, spent time with your family, and took a well-deserved break. But this upcoming weekend is a really good time to start preparing for the weeks ahead.

Here are 5 things you can do that don’t require brainpower, will reduce your stress 100 notches in the next week, and make you feel really accomplished and great about yourself.

  1. Say NO to cramming. Accept your readiness to ace the exams.
  2. Get out your notes. Don’t study them, don’t make flashcards, just gather and organize them into units or sections so that you can easily access and study them LATER.
  3. Eat some pie– this doesn’t have to do with midterms, but it’s very important.
  4. Get some sleep and rest up so you’ll be reenergized!
  5. Have a game plan! Create a study schedule and distribute the units over the next two weeks for each of your classes. Relax, but keep midterms in mind!

Remember, procrastination is the enemy. Enjoy your break, and for some subtle motivation, we have a gift for you!



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