by Ainsley Bradbury

After nearly three months of practice beginning in August and seven regular season meets, it was time for the cross country district meet. Out of the 16 teams that would compete, 6 would be moving on to regionals. In preparation for districts, the team decided to have a spirit week in order to get everyone excited for the race. As a member of the cross country team, I was excited to dress in theme but I also prepared myself for the weird looks I knew I would get when walking through the halls.

Monday was crazy socks and crocs (or sandals) day. I wore a pair of knee-high socks from the color run and found a pair of crocs in my garage. After walking around in crocs all day, I realized that they are actually very comfortable. Tuesday was Hawaiian or tourist day and was my personal favorite. It was also a dress down day for the Indians but we all wore oversized floral shirts and knee length cargo shorts instead. On Wednesday, the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the PSAT so we all used the dress down day to wear our cross country sweats and shirts. Thursday’s theme was tie-dye and ties, and it was the first theme day that the seniors could partake in because they had been off for senior work days. During practice we continued the tie-dye theme and some of us even wore tutus. The final day of the spirit week was neon themed. It was hard to find neon clothes that were still in dress code but everyone managed to survive the day without gaining a point. At practice the juniors brought silly string on the run, and by the end of practice we were all covered in colorful foam string.

It was finally Saturday and everyone prepared to either run or watch the race. The division two girls ran at three in the afternoon and the entire team came to cheer them on. It was cold and windy but, thankfully, there was no rain. Watching the race was exciting and stressful. We looked really strong as a team, but it was hard to tell whether or not we were in the top six. Once everyone finished, the suspense rose, and everyone anxiously awaited the results. We were huddled around the tent when an excited scream erupted from some of the girls. Coach Shaul announced that we came in fifth place and, therefore, were going to regionals! Everyone cheered, celebrated, and chanted, “One more week!” Our season goal had been achieved; we made it to regionals.



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