by Chloe Colligan

Plot twists in films and literature alike are thrilling, frustrating, and most importantly surprising. Usually, the plot twist is associated with horror films, but (plot twist!) there are a few romance, comedy, and science fiction movies out there that also employ the technique. Predictable storylines are great for some film fanatics, but if you want to watch a movie that has you on the edge of your seat till the very end, these movies with epic plot twists are perfect for you!

    1) Dream House

Genre: horror


Will and his family move to a quiet small town in New England. After only a few months of living there, Will finds out that the wife and kids who previously lived there were murdered, leaving only the husband behind. As he uncovers the details to exactly what happened, things do not turn out as he expected.

2) Memento

Genre: thriller/crime


Leonard and his wife lived a completely normal and happy life until one night his wife is murdered. Leonard suffers a severe brain injury, losing the ability to maintain or make any new memories. Thus, searching for his wife’s killer proves to be a major challenge. If you like mysteries, this movie is a great choice for you.

3) Now You See Me 1 and 2

Genre: thriller/mystery


Four amazing magicians are brought together by an unknown person who goes by the name of “the eye”. These magicians create the biggest magic trick of all time: robbing a bank while standing on stage. While being chased by the cops, they start to uncover who “the eye” is and what the purpose of the magic trick is.

4) The Shining

Genre: horror


This movie is known to be one of the scariest of all time, and the plot twist in this movie is present but definitely not as evident as in the others. Jack and his family move into a hotel as temporary caretakers. The hotel is completely deserted, and during their stay, Jack starts to go crazy. Watch and find out what he does!

5) The Visit

Genre: horror


The mother of two children decides to send them to stay at their grandparents’ place for a week. The visit is very fun until the kids start to realize some odd things about their grandparents. For instance, at night their grandmother runs around pounding and scratching on all of the doors. As their stay gets creepier, they discover a very shocking secret.

6) Orphan

Genre: psychological thriller


Kate and John decide that they want to adopt a child. When they get to the agency, they meet Esther, who seems like she would be a perfect addition to their family. However, they begin to realize that she may not be as innocent as she seems. As her story starts to unravel, and dangerous situations arise, Kate and John become increasingly suspicious about Esther.

7) The Uninvited

Genre: supernatural/horror/mystery


When Anna loses her mother in a fire along with her memory of the events of the night leading up to the fire, she goes to stay with her father. Very strange things start happening, and Anna begins to grow suspicious of her father’s new girlfriend.

8) The Notebook

Genre: romance


Noah and Allie fall madly in love as teenagers, but as their lives start to head in separate directions, their love affair comes a reluctant end. Years later Noah shows up again, and they get a second chance to make it work.

9) Crazy Stupid Love

Genre: romantic comedy


When Cal Weaver’s wife suddenly asks for a divorce one day, Cal, a 40 year-old man with absolutely no game, is entirely broken-hearted. Player extraordinaire Jacob Palmer decides to help Cal with his situation. Jacob thinks they are complete strangers, but he and Cal may be more connected than the both of them believe. 

10) Star Wars

Genre: action/science fiction


Princess Leia is held hostage by the cruel Dark Vader. As Luke tries to save Princess Leia, we learn a shocking secret about the relationship between him and Dark Vader. Hmm…I wonder what Vader means in German.


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