by Audra Keresztesy

What won’t the Kardashians do for attention? The world may never know. So was this whole “Paris Armed Robbery” just a media stunt, or was our American “icon” really in danger? In conjunction with the many news outlets covering the story, I’m here to clear things up.

Kim K. was in Paris for a fashion show over the first weekend of October. After leaving the reception around midnight, she returned to hotel in a secure vehicle and was alone for about two and a half hours before five men entered the hotel. The men threatened the doorman in order to find out which room the celebrity was staying in. It was reported that the men burst through the door, tied Kim up in the bathroom with tape, and stole several valuables, including jewelry, cell phones, and credit cards. Kim was left physically unharmed but she was emotionally shaken as anyone would be after being accosted by armed robbers. At the time of the robbery, Kim’s husband Kanye West was performing in a concert in Queens, New York. Upon hearing the news of his wife’s ordeal, West walked off stage, bringing an abrupt end to the concert.

Fans of the Kardashians were shocked to hear of the events of that night, but didn’t hesitate to speculate that it was the result of Kim’s excessive social media usage. In apps like Snapchat, users can show their location to millions of random followers. In a family that exists more in social media than reality, this is proving to be a major problem.

Several acts of terrorism in France in the past year have deterred tourism and extended the state of emergency. With an upcoming election coming in 2017, right wing candidates are using Kim’s case and countless of other crimes as examples to appear tougher on crime and show that incumbent president Hollande is not prepared to go another term. This seemingly small issue surrounding an American celebrity may spell the end for Hollande and change France’s course for dealing with illegal activities in their country to create a safer place for everyone living there.



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