by Maggie Amjad


Dear Class of 2020,

Welcome to the upper school! We are so happy to have you here, and as a class, you have acclimated to our community well. However, as a junior, I feel like it is my responsibility to bring a few things to your attention.

First of all, your high energy is great. I think the entire upper school is envious of your full nights of sleep and well-rested minds. The only problem with this is that the library isn’t the place for loud conversations or screaming or dabbing or, as of recently, facetiming. It doesn’t matter if it’s lab or X or 3rd, 4th or 5th, everyone has important things to be doing, and if it’s a conversation, maybe take it outside the library or hang out in the student center.

As a class, you all seem like great friends. Talking in the hallways and making new friends is great, but blocking the path of over-worked upperclassmen isn’t. The stairs leading up to the student center is not your personal hub. Maybe try relocating to the ground floor atrium tables or another area. Speaking of the dining hall, it isn’t the place for backpacks. We love how eager you all are to get your work done, SO maybe set up in the library, but leave lively conversations outside.

We love your enthusiasm, energy, and eagerness to join our community, but remember, you are all still at the bottom of the upper school- you need to serve your time before you can move through the ranks. Don’t try and grow up too fast- your next 4 years are going to fly by. Before you know it you will find yourself in the college office with test registration and a list of colleges in front of you, so enjoy freshman year while it lasts!

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to take every year seriously, always work hard, and take this time to discover what you love. Above all, the entire upper school wants you to have a great experience and we can’t wait until you understand how important it is to be quiet in the library.

Much love,

A Concerned Junior, Maggie Amjad

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