Global Scholars: Exchanges

by Amy Howarth

You’ve probably heard that HB is hosting foreign exchange students from Spain.  This is pretty cool and you might want to know a few things about them but can’t personally ask them.  Here are a few fun facts about current exchange student Amaya Galilea:  

Grade– Sophomore

Home country– Spain

Attends– Liceo Monjardin (School in Spain)

Favorite thing to do in Spain– Going to the beach where she surfs and relaxes with her family and friends and hiking in the fall with her friends by the mountains.

Favorite thing to do in the US- Going to Cedar Point, homecoming, and Indians games.

Favorite food/ restaurant in Spain- Paella is her favorite food and her favorite restaurant in Spain is, Olaverri.  

Favorite foods/ restaurants in the US- Barbeque ribs and cheeseburgers are her favorite foods, and her favorite restaurants are Taza and Mitchell’s ice cream.

Favorite sports to play in Spain- Basketball and tennis and on the winter weekends she skis  

Favorite sports in the US- Basketball at HB

Favorite holidays in Spain- San Fermin

Favorite holidays in the US- 4th of July and she is excited for Thanksgiving!

Overall experience at HB and in the United States- “It’s awesome!  I’m very happy for being here.  I love HB. I love the relationships between the teachers and students, also, I think that HB, it’s a very flexible school where if you have any issue they tried to help you and tried to bring out the best of you.  But my favorite is how people welcome you without knowing you.”- Amaya