by Alex Garrow

It’s a typical evening in the dead of winter: snow blankets the icy streets and cold winds blow through the air. Teachers and students alike refresh their snow day predictors, hoping for a positive verdict. The whole world seemingly becomes silent as the weatherman calls out which schools have the day off.

A snow day is every child’s dream come true; a day off of school spent building snowmen with friends or gripping a warm mug of cocoa in front of the TV. Whichever activity you prefer, we can all agree that snow days mean a day of freedom! The momentous power of calling a snow day lies (partially) in the hands of HB’s new Head of School Dr. Bisselle. In order to gain a deeper insight on the number of snow days we will have, I asked Dr. Bisselle what she thinks about snow days.

Dr. Bisselle excitedly answered, exclaiming, “I love snow days! As a child, I would sleep with spoons under my pillow or my pajamas backwards- or whatever silly thing would help the probability! When living in Vermont on the backside of a ski mountain, you would think we would have LOTS of snow days. But tourists come to VT to ski- so you have to get them to the mountain- which means the plowers were able to clear enough roads quick enough to both get tourists to ski destinations and get students to school!  It seems we would have more “ice days” – days when the weather did not produce beautiful fluffy snow but heavy thick ice and that would become our “snow day.”  We usually had at least 2-4 a year (although last year, we had none!  All our storms were on weekends or over the holidays.) My mantra is- snow days are a gift from mother nature— and she wants us to slow down and look outside and appreciate our environment. I love the silence in a snow storm— that is something. Sometimes our routines get overwhelming. Snow days are a way to take a break.”

Vermont is colder than Cleveland, so it may take some extremely cold and snowy days to convince Dr. Bisselle that the weather calls for a day off. However, various weather websites predict that this winter will be colder than usual, which provides hope. With luck, Dr. Bisselle’s fond memories of snow days along with mother nature will bring the HB community many days of glorious freedom.

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